The Somerset County Long Term Recovery Committee, Inc. has the following subcommittees, many of which have their own pages on our site:

Case Review Committee

The Case Review Committee reviewed each application for assistance, approves or disapproves it, and assigns the case to a funding source and a construction crew.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee recommends all policies of the Somerset County Long Term Recovery Committee.

Grants and Publicity Committee

The Grants and Publicity Committee seeks out and applies for grants on behalf of the SCLTRC and issues press releases.

Economic Development Task Force

The Economic Development Task Force focuses on the needs of businesses and seeks to improve the economic climate of Somerset County, Maryland.

Spiritual and Psychological Recovery Committee

The Spiritual and Psychological Recovery Committee addresses the emotional needs of persons affected by the hurricane.

Legislative Relations Committee

The Legislative Relations Committee advocates on behalf of individuals and businesses affected by Superstorm Sandy with the Maryland General Assembly and the federal delegation in Congress.