Kamp Kairos dedicated

Dedication of Kamp Kairos

On June 3, 2013, the Somerset County Long Term Recovery Committee, Inc. dedicated Kamp Kairos as its work camp.

Through a generous donation of the lease of this building by the Stanley Cochrane Post of the American Legion, the SCLTRC is able to provide housing to volunteer construction teams that come to the community to help in the recovery.

Formerly a radar station in World War II, Kamp Kairos now serves the Crisfield and Somerset County community.

“Kairos” is a Greek word meaning time, but not chronological time. The word for chronological time is “chronos”. Kairos means special time or the appointed time. In a biblical sense it means a time when God acts. Through the acts and good works of numerous volunteers, this is the time that God’s work is being done in Somerset County.

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